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Militsa RuizMilitsa Ruiz, CPCS
Vice President of Compliance – Militsa Ruiz has worked in the healthcare industry for eighteen years. Her experience in healthcare spans various healthcare organizations including large health plans, ambulatory care settings, group practices, home health and hospitals. In 2003 she was one of a select group of 3,000 Certified Provider Credentialing Specialist (CPCS) certified medical staff professionals nationwide who have attained certification through the National Association Medical Staff Services. In order to achieve certification, it is necessary to demonstrate mastery in: Principals of Credentialing and Privileging, The Joint Commission, National Committee on Quality Assurance Standards and Surveys, as well as Operations. Militsa has used this expertise to lead her departments to deficiency free surveys from Joint Commission on successive occasions, an almost unheard of feat. In addition, her responsibilities have included maintaining compliance with all regulatory and accrediting bodies, e.g. National Committee on Quality Assurance Standards, The Joint Commission Standards, Joint Commission International Standards, Centers for Medicaid Services, Federal, and State Regulatory standards. She has developed and implemented credentialing processes and procedures, and established programs for credentialing of physicians, allied health and other healthcare practitioners.

Militsa also has experience consulting in Costa Rica as well as time consulting on Physician Credentialing and QA in Mexico. Her ability to communicate cross culturally, and achieving buy in from physicians has led to her receive recognition as Exemplary from JCI (Joint Commission International). Her ability to develop, implement, and track QA processes abroad is essential to maintaining the quality focus that is essential in differentiating MedAfford services in the field of international healthcare.

Whether it is working with healthcare practitioners in the US or abroad, she knows the challenges that they face in delivering medical care in an array of healthcare organizations. This knowledge, her commitment drive, and powers of persuasion give her a distinct advantage when it comes to implementing compliance with regulatory and accreditation in medical staff standards that have challenged how practitioners deliver quality and evidence based medicine.